Volterra Near Florence

Volterra, located very close to San Gimignano was known to be a very important town for the Etruscans. It rises on a hilly ridge between the valleys of the Era and Cecina, surrounded by two defensive walls. You will witness a completely different lifestyle. A very calm,relaxing ambience and thanks to its geographic location, a very green environment as well. The art and history is is of the typical medieval age with lots of Etruscan architecture until now.

The Cathedral, the Medician fortress, the Guarnacci Etruscan Museum and the walls surrounding the town are the main sights of the place.


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Montepulciano Around Florence

The Montepulciano wine is quite a luxury and bringing it to your lips will never be a normal occasion. Take this opportunity to see where this wonderful wine really comes from, the medival town of Montepulciano is located n the province of Siena. Apart from the wine the town is generaly known for its agricultural contribution. The pork and cheese are some of the other delicacies made here.

How to get there

By car: Fom Florence it is just an hour and a half trip. Just follow this route.

From Siena, an hour and you reach your destination following this route.

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Assisi Around Florence

Assisi is a town in the province of Perugia, lying in the Umbria region of Italy. It is famously known for the birthplace of St. Francis more commonly know in Italyas, San Francesco. St. Francis is the founhder of the Franciscans, a Roman Catholic religious order.

Heres a bit of info on how to get there:

By train: there are few direct trains to Assisi from Rome. Or else one can get down at Foligno and take the next train to Assisi. It will take about 2 hours of travel. The station of Assisi is located a few miles from the town. Just take tickets from the news agent within the station that costs 80 cents.

By air: The closer Ryan air flights to Assisi is the Perugia airport. There are no direct buses from the airport so or you take the shuttle into the Perugia center then take a bus to Assisi or directly take a taxi.

By car:



Leonardo Da Vinci Manuscript

Vinci is a town in Tuscany surrounded by hills, emersed with vineyards and olive trees. It is the birthplace of the one and only Leonardo da Vinci.

Getting there

  • By bus and train: The easiest way to reachVinci is to take a train till Empoli and then a bus to the town. There are no direct buses that reach there. From Empoli buses go every 40 minutes excepting weekends that could take a little more time. Please verify as you reach when is the last bus to not find yourself without transport later! the bus company is COPIT. Here are the present timings of the bus.

The main attraction are the farmhouse of Leonardo, the museum of Leonardo where most of his work lies(the rest is in Florence), the church of Santa Croce and the Castle.

The original construction of the castle is still the dominant presence in Vinci which dates back to the medieval times and is known in folk talk as “the castle of the ship”. This is because of  the elongated shape and the tower that refers to the shape of a sailboat.

Vinci Manuscript picture http://www.flickr.com/people/jaycross/



Cortona Around Florence

Cortona is coming up the ladder as attractions to see in Tuscany. It was first part of Umbria but now is a part of Tuscany under the province of Arezzo.

The Lake Trasimeno is a must see. Known for the famous battle of Trasimeno in 217 BC which narrates Hannibal’s ambush on the Roman army. The Duomo of Cortona , museo Dicesano, Museo dell’accademia, Palazzo Casali, along with the general Etruscan architecture of the city is quite delightful. Well how can I forget to remind everyone that the bestseller Under the Tuscan Sun was set in Cortona. I definitely will advise you the movie as well!

How to reach Cortona

  1. By plane: The closest airports to this destination is either from Perugia or from Florence.
  2. By train or bus: There are trains that go both from Florence as well as Rome regularly. The stop will be Camucia-Cortona. It will take 2 hours from Florence and 3 from Rome.
    One can even take buses into the city look up the Sita bus website
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Lucca Near Florence

It is an alternative to the high-season tourist madness of Florence or Rome. the information boards you come across outside is more notable  are  in Italian only. In fact, the town boasts no famous showpieces, and therefore no crowds of tourists or rows of souvenir shops are around. Just the genuine vita Toscana (Tuscan way of living).

Getting there

  1. By train:The obvious approach is from Pisa, from which Lucca is only half-an-hour by car or by train, making the two cities a good double-bill. Trains shuttle between Lucca and Pisa’s main station about every hour, and the latter is also the station for Pisa’s airport. The distance between this airport and Pisa is exceptionally short – around a mile – the service between them operating about every twenty minutes for not much more than a euro. Buses run even more cheaply and frequently between airport and Pisa train station. Be warned, though, that this service tails off during the evening, and (given building work in Spring 2006) you should first check inside the terminal exactly where the bus stop is.The main car parks are scattered around the main road which encircles the ramparts. The station is similarly placed, just south of the wall; on coming out you should aim half left to pass through the Porta San Pietro and then roughly straight on for a few more minutes to reach the big Piazza Napoleone.
  2. By car:
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